Extra Credit

Extra Credit can be obtained by attending lectures, speeches, and giving blood at the university or throughout the Syracuse area. For a minimum of 5 opportunities, you may receive 3 extra credit points for each. This gives a maximum of 15 total extra credit points for this portion of PAF 101.



1. Use The Daily Orange, Syracuse University News, SUEvents, and the Maxwell School Online Calendar links to find a speaker involved in public policy.  If you are unsure a speaker will qualify for extra credit, email Evan Cibelli at ejcibell@syr.edu ahead of time or take a reasonable chance.

2. Attend the speech and take notes.  Remember that you are required to stay for the duration of the speech (it’s just the polite thing to do).

3. Within 48 hours, submit the above form.  The evaluation must be turned in within two days of the speech.  To see a sample of a good form that received the full 3 points, click here.  There are 15 possible points allowed for the semester.