Policy Studies 1

Why Should You Take PAF 101?

PAF 101: An Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy is unlike any introductory course offered on campus. Students learn how to Do Good and Do Well through outside speakers, debates, group exercises and technical report writing. You will gain critical job skills that top employers are looking for. On top of all of that? You will not be bored. Students enjoy interacting with Professor Coplin and not being lectured to for 55 minutes.

PAF 101 is the introductory course to the Policy Studies Major, an elite program at Syracuse University. Year after year, Policy Studies Majors win the most Remembrance Scholarships, are actively recruited by JP Morgan Chase and General Electric, and work for some of the nation’s largest nonprofits. Teach for America also accepts more students from the Policy Studies Majors than any other major on campus.




Still unsure why you should take PAF 101 or join the Policy Studies Major? Read some of the testimonials from successful alums:

Diana Aubourg Millner ‘98 – Executive Director, Save Africa’s Children writes:

“When I took PAF 101 as a freshman at SU, I knew nothing about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. I was a wide-eyed, domestically focused “Do-Gooder”. I managed to temper my idealism with a public policy “toolkit” assembled in 101 through modules demanding critical thinking and keen, if not neurotic, attention to detail. I expanded this toolkit as a Policy Studies major – navigating through core courses and my selection as a Harry S. Truman Scholar, Remembrance Scholar, and Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) Fellow.”

Nancy Cantor – Former Chancellor and President of Syracuse University writes:

“Year after year, policy studies students have proven their ability to utilize their analytical and critical thinking skills practically in our local community, actively seeking viable solutions to real-world problems that make our world a better place.”

Cathryn J. Sitterding ’07 – Fleishman-Hillard Government Relations, Homeland Security Practice Group    

PAF 101 was the first class I took that really opened my eyes to something besides journalism as a possible career. In Coplin’s class, I learned that one person can make a huge difference if they just get up and do it. I grew up in rural Indiana and basically had no idea of the severity of some societal problems. Throwing us into the city and into community service was difficult at first but I can’t imagine what my academic life would be like without that experience. That’s where you learn things, right out in the middle of it.